About Today's Mortgage Choice

At Today's Mortgage Choice, we are a family of mortgage professionals and administrators. Our team has well over a Century of financing experience with many individuals having 10, 20 & even 30 years of experience. With agents located in Toronto, Durham, Peterborough, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Sudbury & Manitoulin Island, we have an experienced local professional nearby to help you, and we are still growing and covering more ground in Ontario on a regular basis.

Additionally, our team has dug its roots deep into our local communities, engaging in activities such as coaching minor sports, providing financial counselling, and supporting local charities. We understand the importance of giving back to aid in building strong and proud communities.

Why we are different

Like all other Mortgage Professionals, our job and ultimate goal is to provide you with the best mortgage to suit your individual needs. We stand out from the pack through our commitment to service excellence. When you meet or talk with one of our agents, you can rest assured that they are not only looking at the mortgage application at hand but are looking into your future. We want to ensure the mortgage financing provided to you today does not jeopardize your future plans, such as: flipping your home; purchasing a rental; having the ability to maximize your mortgage pay down: limiting your penalty in the event of an unforeseen sale or refinance.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in providing you with full transparency, data security and most of all education in the mortgage process. Although we can guide you toward options for your new mortgage, we want to ensure you fully understand “The Why” of these options. It is important that you know and understand all the possible options available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what mortgage solution is truly best for you!

Meet Our Team

Our History

Our Team originated with 5 individual agents located in different areas throughout the province in 2014. It was and remains our goal to work together in order to attain better mortgage rates, products and services for our clients. Since that time, we have grown to 22 agents and administrators. Our team of agents are a mix of seasoned mortgage professionals along with eager and very talented new agents.