Kelly Gravelle

Mortgage Agent Level 1 | License #M23008245

Born and raised in the Sudbury area, I was fortunate enough to work in our family business for over 20 of the 78 years in operation. I learned firsthand the value of working hard for the best interests of our clients and developed a deep understanding of the importance of putting the customer first and the significance of building trust and maintaining lasting relationships with clients.

After we sold our business, I moved for the first time in a very long time and found it challenging to navigate through the process, so I chose to become a mortgage agent because I am passionate about making a positive difference in people's lives, and I recognize that a home is more than just a property; it's a place where memories are made, families are raised, and dreams are realized

I am driven by a genuine desire to assist individuals and families in making one of the most significant and impactful decisions of their lives – buying a home or finding the best financial solution to align with your life. I understand that this process can be both thrilling and overwhelming, and my goal is to help you turn your dreams of homeownership and financial stability into a seamless reality.

I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate the complexities of the mortgage process with tailored solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to long-term financial success.

I am excited to help you achieve your homeownership dreams and ensure that this journey is not just memorable but also financially prudent.