If you’re self-employed, you know you “never have enough” income to qualify for the mortgage or credit you’re looking for.

When it comes to getting approved as a self-employed business owner, it’s essential to plan ahead. Before any year-end accounting, you should always keep future purchasing plans in mind. If you’re looking to qualify for traditional financing, it’s often necessary to pay some taxes to be eligible for a better rate on your financing. It’s important to have your net income or projected net income available, so be sure to have that ready!

As a self-employed professional, it’s important to know that you have options. If you’re working with a mortgage broker, say goodbye to the arguments and constant back-and-forth with your bank rep. With a mortgage broker, there are alternative lending solutions available. One option is a Stated Income/Asset Mortgage, where a lender will consider a reasonable income level for your industry even if that amount isn’t reported on your taxes. Some lenders may also consider Business for Self Income, verified using your business bank statements!

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