Sharlene Kuhn

Mortgage Agent Level 2 | License #M18001116

My name is Sharlene and I would be delighted to help you find the very best mortgage choice for YOU! I believe that property is by far one of the best financial investments a person can make and I am passionate about helping my clients realize YOUR dreams, using property as your ladder to the sky!

Whether your dream is to purchase your first house, condo or townhome, up-size, down-size, purchase a second property for vacation or investment purposes, I am dedicated to finding you a mortgage option that will help make that dream come true! And with extensive experience in the real estate industry, I can help you throughout the entire, often confusing, purchase process.

Or if you are already living in your dream home, I can help you realize your other dreams of perhaps owning a boat, traveling, renovating, or simply freeing up more monthly income, by way of refinancing, securing a home equity loan or reversing your mortgage. I believe the sky’s the limit!

As a mobile & virtual mortgage agent, I am available 12 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, and can help you find the best mortgage choice available, when and where it is convenient for YOU!

I believe knowledge is power and education is key, so I endeavour to share all of my knowledge and experience with my clients, and to always be honest and transparent, so you can be confident you are making the best, most informed decision for you. Because let’s be honest, your mortgage isn’t “About Me,” it’s About YOU!

But if you must know about me, with a little help from my single mom, I bought my first property at 22 and have been buying and selling different types of property ever since, negotiating multiple mortgages along the way until recently, before my 40th birthday, I realized my dream of becoming mortgage free! I have learned that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and living your dreams doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. With a little patience, perseverance, creative thinking and dedication, anything is possible and YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!