Wayne Martin

Mortgage Agent Level 2 | License #M13000680

30 years of financing experience from personal loans to commercial financing to mortgage financing. My previous 15 year history in commercial financing has provided me with considerable knowledge in structuring financing to suit individual requirements. Our entire team and i take great pride in offering tailored options to meet every clients different wants and needs.

Born and raised in Sudbury, my roots are dug deep into the community. Have spent over 15 years coaching minor soccer and hockey and have participated in several charitable events. I am fortunate to have 2 beautiful and successful daughters and am extremely proud that they also share the desire to support and give back to the community. When I am not assisting clients with their mortgage financing needs, I enjoy spending some R&R time at the cottage with my better half. I am quite fortunate that she is understanding and very supportive of my love for this career and the need for long work hours which keep me away from home most evenings.

It is truly rewarding helping individuals and families purchase their dream home or providing solutions that improves their financial situation. Most of my working life has been spent locally in the finance industry, with the mortgage industry being the most fulfilling. I thank all my current and past clients for putting their faith in me and I look forward to many more years of assisting people in making their housing dreams come true.

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